Serpentine Salvage is a handpicked, curated and fashion-forward collection of vintage, antiques and finer goods in Milwaukee’s Bay View Neighborhood. From high quality home goods to vintage clothing and accessories, we strive to provide items that feel personalized for you. Our shop carries unique basics, on-trend apparel as well as reputable vintage brands. We carry a wide range of sizes, and stylish items from the 30's to the 00's.  

We believe vintage is a lifestyle and a mindset; something we will share in spades if you happen upon us. To serpentine can mean; to move in a winding path. Vintage does exactly this throughout its lifetime. It winds through the years and decades, goes in and out of fashion, finds new meaning and new lives. Serpentine can also mean tempting, which speaks true for those of us who love to hunt down the perfect treasure. To salvage these pieces and give them new life. 

Behind the scenes at Serpentine Salvage, you'll find co-owners Gina and Aliza. After working hand in hand in numerous other industries, the two formed a deep partnership and friendship that spans the last decade. They bonded over a mutual love of art, fashion, music, style but most importantly, a keen love of vintage. And thus Serpentine Salvage was forged.